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Clinical Pathology Laboratory, BMC

In medical practice, one of the first requisites toward effective health care of patients is a correct diagnosis of the disease condition. For many conditions physical examination alone is not sufficient to arrive at a correct diagnosis, and appropriate laboratory investigations are required. At the same time, laboratory results would be meaningless if they are not reliable. While simple, routine tests may suffice for some conditions others may require employment of more sophisticated and highly specialized tests. Carrying out some of the latter may require equipment, which are highly advanced technologically. Some of such equipment in use at the Bahosi Medical Centre (BMC) Clinical Pathology Laboratory includes: the Vitros 250 Chemistry Analyser-Johnson and Johnson, the Beckman Coulter Access Chemiluminisence Immunoassay system, the Coulter STKS Haematology Analyser, among others; with procurement of chemical reagents and test kits exclusively from reputable manufacturers and firms. Employing these highly advanced equipment has yielded laboratory findings which have, in numerous cases, contributed towards more accurate diagnoses and hence better therapuetic outcomes.  

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  In addition to equipment, reliability of laboratory results also depends on the skill of personnel who operate them. Accordingly, the BMC Clinical Pathology Laboratory employs experienced and qualified staff who are trained in the various aspects of quality assurance in the clinical laboratory. In turn, the technical staff are supervised by a comprehensive team of experienced pathologists and microbiologists who have had specialized training in various aspects of their profession.  
  The BMC Clinical Pathology Laboratory, established since 1994, consists of five main sections;                   

  1. Chemical Pathology

  2. Haematology and Blood Banking

  3. Microbiology

  4. Serology/Immunology

  5. Histopathology

The investigative facilities available at the Bahosi Medical Centre Clinical Pathology Laboratory are for practical purposes comparable with those of any clinical laboratory of respected medical institutions of developed countries. The results being invariably reliable, ever-growing confidence of the public as well as the clinicians in the BMC Laboratory has led to increasing workload with the passage of time. However, we have made very sure that the quantity of work demanded in no way affects the quality of service rendered.

To ensure that all patients with similar health problems will be provided with the same high level of care throughout this B.M.C. that care will be delivered in the most appropriate, efficient and timely manner possible whether an in-patient, out-patient emergency and that the care given will be subjected to continuous quality improvement practices. 

Bahosi Medical Centre is a privilege and only extended to professionally competent physician, Chest surgeon, Cardiologist, General surgeon, Traumatology and Orthopaedic surgeon, Obstetris and Gynaecologist, Paediatrician, Urologist, Liver-Gynaecologistian and G.I specialist, Skin specialist, Oncologist, Plastic surgeon, Eye and E.N.T specialist, Psychiatrist, Neuro-physician surgeon and Maxilo-Facial surgeon.

Support their current professional competence,  sound judgment and have the ability to work co-operatively with others so as not a adversely affect patient care.

The over-all responsibility for the quality of medical care provided as delineated by specific clinical privileges working together, we provide a continuum of high quality healthcare, responsive, carrying manner and at a reasonable cost.

Bahosi Medical Centre
C.T Scan
Bahosi Medical Centre
Operating Theatre
Bahosi Medical Centre
Operating Theatre
Bahosi Medical Centre
Operating Theatre
Bahosi Medical Centre
Bahosi Medical Centre
Bahosi Medical Centre
Bahosi Medical Centre
Operating Theatre


- New, rapid erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) analyser.

- The analyser, together with sealed tubes performs fast detetmination of ESR.

- The results are comparable to that obtained by the traditional Westegren method.


- A urine chemistry analyser for better and more efficient rotine examiniation of urine.

- The analyser utilities urine chemistry reagent stripts and results are reported with semiqantitative values.

- The report wiil be on fill  examination and microscopic examination of urine (FEME).


Partec CyFlow Counter

- CyFlow Counter is a fully equipped portable desktop flow cytometer dedicated to the accurate analysis and absolute counting of immunolabelled CD4 positive T lymphocytes as well as CD3 and CD8 in HIV monitering and AIDS follow-up during ARV therapy.

- Precise determination od CD4+ T-cell counts by flow cytometry technique for the fluorescence-based measurement of immuno-labelled cells has been announced by the WHO as the 'gold standard' in CD4 counting

- Relevance of determining the CD4+ T-cell concetration are :

- as an andicator of the patient's immune status as HIV specifically targets and destory CD4+T-lymphocytes decision on commencement of antiretro-viral treatment and subsequence treatment depends on the concetration of CD4+ T-dells

- Patients with CD4 counts below 200cells/ul are at risk of suffering from opportunistic infections.

DCA 2000+ Analyser

- For rapid, accurate and  specific measurment of glycohaemoglobin ( HBAlc )

- Monoclonal antibody methods is used where correlation study shows 99% agreement with HPLC method.

- HBAlc result are an invaluable indication of diabetic control over the past 3 months.

- Tight glycaemic control will lead to a reduction in eyes, nerve, cardiovascular and kidney disease.

- Any improvement is HBA1c can be significant.


- A very accurate and precise single channel conagulometer.

- Performs all the routine test for scerrning of congulation disorders.

- Prothrombin time(PT), (INR), activated thromboplastin time test (aPTT), thrombin time (TT), fibrinogen estimation and other clotting factors are done with a precision of 0.1 sec.

- Analysis starts automatically when sample and reagent are mixed together in the cuvette and stops automatically when fibrin polymers have been just formed.

- Temperature is controlled at 37˚ C.

Haemodialysist Unit

Established in 1996, the efficient dialysis centre with advanced dialysis mechines (for 4 to 8 patients) and skillful medical staffs is available daily.

Dental Unit

Bahosi Dental Clinic established 2002, Dec : methods for sterilization and disinfection.

(1) High-level disinfection by boiling
(2) High-level disinfection by soaking in chemicals
(3) High-level disinfection by U-V Rays

Always cleaning and disinfection of Dental Unit and Environmental surfaces.

Single-use disposable instruments and examination set towel, cup, needle , syringe, sterile gloves, surgical blade and sterile water.

Following procedure you can cure

(1) Oral surgery procedure
(2) Orthodontic treatment
(3) Oral-prophylaxis
(4) Perio- dontal problem
(5) Paedodontic treatment
(6) Endodontic- therapy
(7) Conservative treatment
    Including Alloy amalgam and light- cure filling
(8) Prosthetic Treadment
   (a) ACRYLIC Denture
   (b) Cobalt chrome cast denture
   (c) Cobalt chrome crown & bridge
   (d) Inlay/ Onlay Gond, Co.Chr, Targis
   (e) Procelain Crown & Bridge

Services Available at B.M.C (24 hr services)

  • Emergency Car Unit
  • Intensitive Care Unit
  • In Patient Department/Wards(Royal Suite, Suite, Single,Double Rooms)
  • Operating Theaters
  • Labour Rooms
  • C.T Scan
  • X-Ray, ECG/House Call
  • C-arm X-Ray
  • Laboratory Services
  • Ambulance Service
  • Family Health Care/ Home Medical Service
  • O.P.D Excutive Room
  • Out Patient Clinices
  • Colposcopy
  • Eye,E.N.T Examinations
  • Ultrasound
  • Lung Function Test
  • Asthma Care Clinic
  • Tumour Marker
  • O.E.C Endoscopy
  • Key hole Surgery (Laparoscopic Surgery)
  • Lithotripsy
  • Specialist Consultation
  • Echocardiogram
  • Doppler Study
  • Routin/ Specialis
  • Medical Check-up



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