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Out-patient Department | General and Special Emergency Receiving Department | In-patient Department
Intensive Care Unit
Laparoscopic Surgery DepartmentInternational Standard Laboratory |
Pharmacy Sales | Clinical Pathology LaboratoryHaemodialysist Unit | Dental Unit

           A pioneer in the private health care sector, BMC has been in operation since 1994. In 2000, an annex housing the new outpatient department was opened in the same compound. BMC is where health examination, x-ray, ultrasound, C-T scan and medicines and etc all are offered under one roof.

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1. Out-patient Department

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  • Well-furnished and well-equipped, the new O.P.D provides specialist care round the clock.

  • Air-conditioning and television sets add to patients' convenience and comfort.

  • Treatment and minor surgery to cater to the needs of patients are performed by professors, physicians, obstetrian and gynecologists, paediatricians and other specialists.

- Pharmacy services provided
- 24 hours service
- Local and inported medicines are on sale at manageable price
- The store is managed by expart pharmacists to ensure right delivery
- Only registered drugs are sold.


Bahosi Medical Centre
Pharmacy & Cash

Bahosi Medical Centre

Bahosi Medical Centre
O.P.D Executive Room

Bahosi Medical Centre
O.P.D Executive Room

2.General and Special Emergency Receiving Department (24-hours service)

  • Offers effective emergency treatment by qualified doctors and nurses.
  • Emergency Receving is equipped with emergency life-saving machines/measures.
  • Arranges further consultation with respective specialists if necessary.

Bahosi Medical Centre

Bahosi Medical Centre

3. In-patient Department

  • Rooms with a wide range of charges are available.

  • Suites complete with a living room , a patient's bedroom and dining facilities are also available.

  • There are rooms with TV and a fridge as well as a bathroom and toilet attached.

Bahosi Medical Centre
Suites-Patient Room

Bahosi Medical Centre
Suites-Day Room

  Bahosi Medical Centre
In-Patient Reception

4. Intensive Care Unit

  • It is equipped with Respirator, monitor and other appratus.

  • This unit is supervised by well experienced and efficient and anaesthetist, doctors and nurses.

Bahosi Medical Centre

5. Laparoscopic Surgery Department

  • It is the first of its kind among private hospitals.

  • It is the surgeres-minimizing pain and helping for early ambulation.

6.1. International Standard Laboratory

  • Computerised laboratory with high quality,fully effective computerised machinaries and equipments.
    Operated by pathologists and well-trained qualified technicians giving accurate, and reliable results.

6.2. X-ray

  • Using World class X-ray machine can give clear, sharp, fine and competent X’ray films are processed with auto processes.

6.3. Ultrasonography (USG)

  • Using World class Ultranographic machine . Assessed by qualified, efficient radiologists using high grade, efficient Ultrasonogram.

6.4. CT - SCAN

  • Can give clear,sharp,fine and competent X’ray films are processed with auto processes.
  • Operative by skillful technicians given diagnosis opinion as by professional radiologists.

6.5. Electrocardiography (ECG) & Echo-cardiography

  • For any necessary cardiac cases, non-invasive electrocardiography (E.C.G) and echo-cardiography are available. Echocardiographic machine can detect vulvulardiseas , and vascular, Thyroid Scan, Breat Sacn and Obstetric calculations. It is full digital color doppler system so that can give colour film for effected area.

7. Pharmacy Sales

Drugs for all specialities and from various countries origin are easily available. All varieties of drugs must be registered.
~ Drugs are stored as prescribed and instructed for each one including vaccines, etc.
~ Pharmacy sales is effectively operated by well-trained pharmacists for accurate and satisfactory service.

8. Operating Theatre (Major & Minor)

  • Operation theatre is strictly aseptic and ready for all emergency and elective operative cases. There in 4 majors and 2 minors theatres. One major threater have C-Arm X'ray.
  • Efficient and well-trained, experienced theatre nurses actively process.

10. Door-to-door Domiciliary Services (Home Visit Care)

  • According to the pateints requirements, domiciliary service can also be available for all disciplines such as laboratory, E.C.G, ultrasonography, and nursery care as well.
  • Medical Team is available for patient requiremnt .

11. Employee Medical Care and Medical Check-Up for Companies (Local & Foreign)

  • Any local and foreign companies can achieve satisfaction with their employee medical care and health problems.
    Regular medical check up, pre-employment medical check up for all companies, organizations, groups including shipping lines as well as their desires.


  • 24 hours Ambulance service for Downtown and District to convey the patient comfortably.


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Fax: (+951) 227226

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